Pay Bills

You can now pay national and local government service bills through the e-wallet app

Young people using smartphones
Stock photo of people using smartphones. (Pixabay/Dean Moriarty)

Filipinos can now pay their national and local government utility bills using their smartphones.

One of the leading e-wallet providers in the country, GCash, recently revealed that it has extended its payment functionality to over 1,500 partner billers. This includes its partner national and local government agencies accepting digital transactions.

An electronic wallet is a contactless payment method that allows users to use their smartphone to pay at a payment terminal.

Filipinos can now settle payments for national statistics office birth or marriage certificates, National Bureau of Investigation customs clearance, and even Manila Metropolitan Development Authority traffic fines through the app’s Pay Bills feature.

The feature also allows users to pay property and business taxes with certain local government units and settle tax payments to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Travel more easily

To reduce the transmission of COVID-19, the Ministry of Transport dordered all toll lanes to adopt radio frequency identification or RFID system in 2020.

Motorists with Autosweep and Easy RFID can also top up their account with GCash.

According to Globe, when going through a toll, the RFID sticker affixed to the vehicles “retransmits the digital data to the reader and subtracts the payment without the physical intervention of a cashier”.

RFID recharges will incur a P10 service fee for each transaction, and payment will be displayed in real time.


The digital wallet app allows users to save their billing information, so they don’t have to re-enter their account number and details every time they want to pay their bills.

The Pay Bills feature also sets reminders for the next payment date, thus avoiding penalties and missed payments from its users.

GCash is regulated by the Bangko Sentral of the Philippines and is said to have over 60 million users nationwide.