Pay Bills

West Seattle Blog… | Would you pay more to speed up the West Seattle light rail? You might be asked to do so, under the bill state lawmakers just approved.

Light rail is currently slated to arrive in West Seattle in 2032, two years later than the original plan when voters passed ST3 in 2016. Would you pay extra to speed that up? A bill allowing this option is directed to the government. Jay Insleeoffice after the last passage through the Legislative Assembly today, as shown when the municipal Council had a legislative briefing this afternoon. Here’s how the transit advocacy group Seattle Metro summary of the legislation, Senate Bill 5528:

The bill allows a city, sub-region, county, or a combination thereof, the ability to create an “enhanced service area” to target investments that matter most to their constituents. SB 5528 allows the Sound Transit Board to give voters the ability to fund faster construction times on existing projects and/or fund new improvements and transit services for individual towns and sub-areas within the district of Sound Transit. The financing mechanisms included in the bill are a motor vehicle excise tax (MVET) not exceeding 1.5% and a commercial parking tax. If public voting is allowed by the Sound Transit Board, voters still need to register a majority in favor for the funding mechanisms to go into effect.

You can read the report of the Legislative Assembly on the final version of the bill here. Accelerating construction is just one of the possible uses of the additional funds it outlines.