We give credit

We all need money every day. We recognize the need of our clients to provide loans up to 12 monthly installments. If you meet our minimum requirements, even within 15 minutes of contacting us, you can have money in your checking account. Being a successful person in the business world is not at all easy.

Unpaid bills that are piling up every month


The costs, benefits, and other levies that are regularly imposed on you can sometimes be such that you simply cannot do business. If you want to be a plus, and without debt, contact us with confidence. Don’t allow yourself to risk your own future with the unpaid bills that are piling up every month.

If you are looking for a trusted and trusted partner who offers Gandalf loans, this is where you will find a wide variety of innovative services that can help just you.

Interested in who we give loans to?


We provide loans in an easy and fast way. Without going to the bank, waiting in line, crowding and wasting your time, contact us online because our services are tailored to smartphones, tablets and computers. An essential item for loan approval is the minimum requirements we have set for you. If you satisfy them within 15 minutes, the required amount of money can be paid directly into your checking account. We give loans for a repayment period of up to 90 days, which is very positive if you count on the quick repayment of the money you have borrowed.

We give credit to people at risk of foreclosure and blockages


Don’t let your accounts fall into foreclosure and blockage. If you are threatened with foreclosures that will make you unable to live normally, we are here to help. Even if you are blacklisted because of a bad credit history, if you already have another loan, this is not a reason to reject you and does not mean that you are unfunded.

There are two ways of raising a loan with us:

  1. Option “I have a Guarantor” (refers to the fact that the person applying for the loan must have another natural person, the so-called personal guarantor, who will guarantee their income that the loan will be repaid in a timely manner)
  2. If the person applying for the loan does NOT want a GUARANTEE, he / she uses the “I do not want a Guarantor” option, which implies that he / she wants to use the service of Good Finance, which is our guarantee (guarantee) partner, and in this case also acts as a Guarantor, but not a personal but, rather, a “legal and professional” Guarantor, ie a legal body.

Why use credit for our financial services?


We have an individual approach to each client that is equally professional and fair. With the aim of doing business to our mutual satisfaction, we strive to provide you with a fast and safe service within 24 hours. We work without scams and small letters so you can contact us without fear of being fooled. We are a company with many years of experience in financing throughout, and we operate with a large number of satisfied customers who can at any time help and offer a wide range of innovative services that we regularly upgrade.

With the service we give loans we try to help Croatian companies in an innovative way thanks to which we borrow money within 24 hours. The experience of our staff will help you choose the best service and get quality financial advice that will solve all your problems.

We give loans from 0-24 with the maximum discretion and professional approach we have towards each client!