Pay Bills

Township of Paradise. asked to pay part of Bart Twp. firefighters bill after redrawn borders | Community News

When: Bart Township Supervisors Meeting, Feb. 2.

What happened: Bart Township Fire Company Chief Travis Hoover was on hand for a discussion about expanding Bart’s first coverage area into neighboring Paradise Township.

Fund: The Paradise Township Board of Supervisors has restructured the boundaries for fire department coverage within their municipality. They removed Paradise Lehman Place Fire Company from their coverage map, placing most of the township under Gordonville Fire Company and EMS and Kinzers Fire Company. A smaller portion of Paradise Township will be covered by the Bart Township Fire Company.

why it matters: Bart’s supervisors have voted to require Paradise Township to reimburse Bart Township for a portion of the workers’ compensation insurance Bart pays for his firefighters. No dollar amount has been determined at this time.

Other events: In late December, the township received a Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant of $450,000. This will be in addition to the two previous grants totaling $1 million. The money is for the design and construction of the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail through the township.