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The Ascent’s 2022 car insurance prices

Posted on January 20, 2022

Car Insurance Rating Methodology

Scoring methodology

To determine the best car insurance awards for 2022, experts at The Ascent evaluated accounts with our scoring model, focusing on industry factors and user benefits, including:

  • Competitive rates
  • Geographic coverage areas
  • Customer service
  • Insurance Options

The top rated offers have been selected and we believe they are the top choice for most people. Our final winners were determined by voting to ensure objectivity, with one final check of the golden rule: would we recommend them to a family or friend? Particular attention was also paid to:

  • Coverage flexibility after an accident
  • Maximum coverage amounts
  • Application process

For 2022, we’ve introduced an exciting update, our Editors’ Choice Awards. These awards are our experts’ favorites, tailored to unique consumer needs, allowing us to explore a more diverse range of offerings and user experiences.

* A full list of 2022 winners, from credit cards to stockbrokers, can be found here.

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