Bad Credit

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How many times have you found yourself managing your personal finances and wishing when you were younger that someone had taught you how to handle such challenges? It’s a common complaint, as personal finances become more complex, school systems have enough work to provide a solid academic foundation, and parents are often as confused as their children when it comes to money.

But Junior Achievement of Central Ohio is working to change that, and thanks to a donation from Peoples Bank, they can.

Peoples Bank donated $100,000 to help Junior Achievement develop semester-long financial literacy programs for high school students.

“Thanks to the incredibly generous support of Peoples Bank, young people across the state of Ohio will develop the mindsets, skills and understanding of finances that will help them succeed in their lives,” said Mike Davis, president of Junior Achievement of Central Ohio.

Course study for the program will include employment and income, budgeting, credit, debt management, understanding taxes, insurance, and consumer protection. What a benefit for students about to enter adulthood.

“Financial literacy is a very important topic,” said Chuck Sulerzyski, President and CEO of Peoples Bank. “If we can help teens learn more about finances before they become young adults, it will pay big dividends down the road.”

Make no mistake: banks make money when account holders have to pay overdraft fees or higher interest rates because of bad credit. Yet Peoples Bank is doing something to help future customers avoid such mistakes.

Sulerzyski is right. If the next generation is better equipped to make informed financial decisions, it will pay off – for all of us – in the long run.

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