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Steelers stadium renaming: Bill Cowher thinks the change from Heinz Field to Acrisure Stadium can be a good thing

Some Steelers fans apparently are not too happy with the team’s decision to change the stadium name. After 21 years as Heinz Field, the Steelers’ home stadium was renamed Acrisure Stadium after the two teams agreed to a 15-year deal.

Bill Cowher, a Pittsburgh native whose 15 years as Steelers coach earned him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is certainly aware that the stadium’s renaming has ruffled some feathers among loyal fans. of the team. But Cowher, who was the Steelers’ coach when the team moved from Three Rivers Stadium to Heinz Field, believes the name change will be a good thing for everyone involved, unless you’re a Steelers opponent. .

“I think it’s actually very flattering for a company to come from outside to want to be part of Pittsburgh,” Cowher said during a KDKA interview. “And for me, it’s not so much the name of the place as the place itself. Pittsburgh is always going to be a very difficult place to play if you’re a visiting team that comes here because of the people, the passion, the dynamism that you feel when you enter this stadium, so you can call it what you want, that’s what you’re going to feel when you enter this stadium and you’re an opponent and what you’re going to feel when you leave from there losing.

“I know the people of Pittsburgh, and I was a Pittsburgher, are sometimes very, very resistant to change. But it’s more about the economics of the game and trying to keep things competitive. At the same time is “It’s not going to change the atmosphere in this stadium. Whether it’s Heinz Field, Three Rivers Stadium, Acrisure Stadium, whatever it is, it’s the people there that make it special.”

Cowher is right. At some point, fans will get over the name change and return in droves to watch the Steelers play on Sundays. Cowher was also on hand when evaluating how the name change can help from a financial standpoint. While the terms of the Steelers’ deal with Acrisure are not known at this time, Kraft Heinz Corporation said in a statement that the new team partner was “willing to pay significantly more than we could justify. “.

The Steelers makes lots of memories at Heinz Field, winning two Super Bowls, three AFC titles and a host of division titles. They will look to have similar success at Acrisure Stadium, which will usher in a new era this season following Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement in January.