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St. Louis Zoo Says Gun Rights Activist Should Pay Legal Bills | Law and order

Three years later, Smith won an appeal overturning the zoo’s banning order against him, bringing the zoo case to St. Louis Circuit Court. Last year, Moriarty upheld the zoo’s no-gun policy, deeming the zoo to meet Missouri’s definition of a “gun-free zone” as it is both an establishment. education and a closed amusement park. Moriarty noted the zoo field trips for school, preschool, camp, shows, carousel, railroad, theater, concerts and concessions.

“In light of these facts, as well as the obvious underlying public policy of protecting children in educational institutions from the dangers and distractions of firearms, this tribunal has no difficulty in concluding that the The entire closed campus of the St. Louis Zoo constitutes an elementary / secondary school facility, ”Moriarty said.

A woman and child enter the south entrance to the Saint-Louis Zoo on November 30, 2021, past a sign indicating the zoo’s policy banning guns on the property. Photo by Joel Currier, jcurrier @ post-dispatch

The matter could have ended there. But in August, the zoo sought to force Smith to pay his legal bills, arguing that Smith was responsible for creating a gun controversy.

“In this case, it is clear that this legal action was brought for the purpose of protecting the visiting public of the zoo, and it was a reasonable way to achieve that objective, especially given the urgency of the situation. “the zoo said in a statement. 29 deposit.