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Sevilla press Chelsea over Koundé move with Barcelona on the prowl

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Chelsea chased Koundé for a year but are now silent

Barca wait in the wings with Xavi desperate to sign the Frenchman

It looks like there won’t be an offer for Jules Kounde which could greatly benefit Barca as the deal price would be reduced. Sevilla are trying to clarify Chelsea’s stance on the centre-back and, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, have asked to reveal their intentions by July 5. Sevilla must sell and know that if Barca remain the only option, they will have to lower their demands because Koundé wants to leave this summer.

Sevilla don’t quite understand Chelsea’s attitude. The English side have been pushing for over a year to sign the player and now they have disappeared from the map. Koundé himself is somewhat surprised as he has had an agreement with the English club since last summer and therefore maintains a constant direct link with Barca to encourage them. The central defender now sees the Blaugrana as his lifeline. The reality is that Chelsea have changed their interest in the market, focusing on other targets like De Ligt, who was not on the market a year ago.

At Barca a few weeks ago they considered it virtually impossible to sign Koundé despite the player’s disposition to come. Xavi insisted on it, but Sevilla demanded 65 million euros and weren’t willing to drop even one euro with the inclusion of players, nor to negotiate payment terms. Now things have changed and it is Barça who could have the upper hand. Sevilla, despite publicly assuring they don’t need to release the Frenchman, see his departure as strategic to revolutionize the team.

Relations between Barca and Sevilla have always been good and this has led to various friendly transfer deals in recent years. In fact, Barca still remember the ‘favor’ they did for the Andalusian club by letting Ivan Rakitic leave virtually for free so he could return to Sánchez Pizjuán. Barça understands that it is a maturing operation and that time can work in its favor. There is no rush as the player is recovering from pubic surgery and was only able to join in August when everything should be resolved.