Pay Bills

Residents of these 10 cities spend the most on household bills, report finds

(NEXSTAR) – The cost of everything is high right now, including races and gas and lodging. While there are ways to save on some of these costs, there is one category that is largely unavoidable: household bills.

A new report from doxo, a personal finance resource, found that the average US household will spend $24,032 on bills per year. The bills, in this case, cover 10 categories: mortgage, rent, auto loan, utilities, auto insurance, cable/internet/phone service, health insurance, cell phone, alarm and security, and life insurance.

Although cell phone bills were the most common for US households (94%), mortgage payments were the most expensive at an average of $1,368. Rent followed closely at $1,129.

Using its own data, Doxo ranked the 50 largest cities in the country based on how much the average household spends on monthly bills.

The report found that residents of cities on both coasts tend to spend the most on their monthly bills, while residents of cities in the Midwest tend to spend less.

Residents of these 10 cities pay the most on their monthly bills, according to doxo:

  1. San Jose: $3,248
  2. New York: $3,059
  3. Boston: $2,963
  4. San Francisco: $2,946
  5. San Diego: $2,689
  6. Washington, DC: $2,686
  7. LA: $2,672
  8. Seattle: $2,572
  9. Miami: $2,482
  10. Austin: $2,447

Six of these cities – San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, Boston and Seattle – recently made it into the top 10 metropolises the locals try to leave, according to a report by real estate brokerage Redfin. In contrast, two – San Diego and Miami – are highly sought after metros.

And in these 10 cities, residents pay the least on their monthly bills:

  1. Detroit: $1,634
  2. Cleveland: $1,655
  3. El Paso: $1,675
  4. Albuquerque: $1,687
  5. Memphis: $1,689
  6. Dayton: $1,700
  7. Kansas City, Missouri: $1,754
  8. Rochester: $1,772
  9. Oklahoma City: $1,779
  10. Cincinnati: $1,786

Overall, Doxo found Hawaii residents had the highest average monthly bills, at $2,911. California residents have the second highest at $2,649, followed by New Jersey at $2,610. Alternatively, residents of West Virginia have the lowest average monthly bills at $1,452, followed by Arkansas ($1,552) and Mississippi ($1,559).