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Reedy’s Azzar Doesn’t Plan To Leave The OOH Rankings Anytime Soon, According To Greater Cairo Roads | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

The Azzar Islands continue to add a nautical vibe to Cairo; Azzar’s previous campaign was a guest on OOH in June 2022.

Real estate developer Reedy Group has decided to establish another project which will be the second project under the Azzar name. Azzar North Coast in the Elkilo 182 near the Gulf of Ras-Elhekma, to add a big plus to the project, which is the location.

Huge, larger than life and navy advertisements will immediately grab your attention. And that’s because of the marine-themed campaign that’s been circling the outdoor advertising grid for months. The current campaign has an auspicious message which is “California Homes in North Coast”. To outline what you will enjoy once you own a unit there.

The dissemination of the campaign was very successful as the property developer placed the campaign in all high traffic areas. The campaign is aimed at a broad general audience. For real estate developers, this allows a large and diverse target market to be reached with a single effective campaign such as that of Azzar

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