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Quack Races – Ducks help Hurworth Junior Football Club pay the bills

Valuable funds were raised for junior footballers – thanks to the quackery efforts of a huge flock of ducks.

Spectators lined the banks of the Hurworth-on-Tees River near Darlington today to watch 596 yellow rubber ducks float down the River Tees as part of the village’s inaugural duck race.

The competition was organized by the Hurworth Parish Council and raised £ 1,161 for the Hurworth Albion Junior Football Club.

Parish Council President Graham Wylie said, “We are very happy with how well went today. It’s for a good cause – Hurworth Albion does a fantastic job. The site where they played was once a wasteland, but now it’s a full-fledged football club for hundreds of young children.

The ducks, each costing a donation of £ 2, were launched from a canoe halfway by Hurworth resident Chris Williams and floated 600 meters downstream to the finish line, located near the Emerson Arms pub.

There they were picked up in nets by volunteers from the parish council and the football club, some up to the waist in the river.

The winning duck was number 327, representing Lee Heseltine. BBC Radio Tees breakfast presenters Neil Green and Amy Oakden took second place with number 468, and third place went to Chris Kennedy with number 117.

Graham added: “I want to thank everyone who helped us do this, especially Martin Harrison and the guys at Hurworth Albion, who were instrumental in catching the ducks, and Chris Williams for kindly throwing the ducks on. ducks from his canoe. ”

Hurworth City Councilor Lorraine Tostevin said: “It’s wonderful to see so many families supporting the duck race to benefit Hurworth Albion. Well done to all the organizers, especially those who went into the river to prevent the ducks from escaping to Neasham!

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