Payment Terms

Postal workers will strike for a “degrading” pay cut in real conditions

Postal staff are set to stage a nationwide 24-hour strike over a wage offer they say equates to a real reduction in conditions.

Pay was frozen for staff in 2021, and they were offered a 2% pay rise in early April, along with a one-off £250 lump sum payment.

But with inflation hitting 7% in March, the Communications Workers Union (CWU) says this equates to a pay cut in real terms.

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CWU Deputy Secretary Andy Furey called the offer “an insult.” The action of May 3 was voted by 97.3% of the members of the union of the Post.

“This is the Post Office’s first nationwide strike in several years and the blame for this lies 100% with senior management and their stubborn, arrogant and downright disrespectful attitude towards their staff,” he said. for follow-up.

“They told us that they are freezing salaries in line with official government and public sector pay policy. But it is an outrageous and dishonest excuse because the government’s austerity measures do not apply to the Post Office.