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Plastic Surgeons and Medspas Get Financial Help with New Funding Program for Struggling Businesses with Bad Credit

The reporter for this article is Adam Cox, from Cox Business News, Adam studied at both Harvard Business School and Cornell Law and now enjoys writing Business News part-time

Adam Cox at the beach with a puppy who is a 12-pound pug named Cindy Crawford (after the model) after he recently graduated from Harvard Business School, but before he started studying business law at Cornell

Adam Cox at the beach with his pug puppy named Cindy Crawford after he recently graduated from Harvard Business School, but before he started studying business law at Cornell

Ugly is what many checkups look like with most plastic surgeons and MedSpas, but a massive new corporate funding program aims to change that.

Plastic Surgeons and Medspas are struggling to make ends meet after Covid and this new funding program from and the Botox and Filler awards website is a game changer”

—Adam Cox of

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, October 17, 2022 / – The beauty and plastic surgery industries have been struggling with some pretty ugly financial troubles since the onset of Covid and both are still reeling from its devastating effects.

However, this industry based on Botox and fillers, breast implants and tummy tucks has a bright future, and it’s not after pictures of its customers.

The reason the future for the cosmetic beauty industry looks brighter is largely thanks to a new corporate funding program designed to lift it out of the financial mire it has wallowed in.

There is a new program that is a joint effort of a .org website and a popular Botox cosmetic procedure price tracker and filler price website. As the name suggests, the Botox and fillers prices website tracks Botox and fillers prices, but they also serve as an outreach platform to connect with plastic surgeons, medspas and other industry players to this new funding program to help these same companies.

The new business financing program for plastic surgeons and medical spas in financial difficulty will largely provide them with working capital and money to pay off current and past debts, but technically the money can be used to anything.

This no need for credit business financing The program is available on the Botox and fillers pricing website and is available to any business in the beauty or plastic surgery industries. This program provides Medical Spa Business Financing and Plastic surgeon business financing . All programs do not require any credit and can be obtained by applying on the Botox price tracker website and fill prices or on the .org website which is the one that provides the actual funding resources which is the website of guaranteed business financing. Guaranteed Business Funding is a leading .org website that provides business financing when banks cannot finance a business or do not provide financing to a business.

The reporter for this article is Adam Cox of the Cox Business News website and YouTube channel, Adam Cox, a native of Oklahoma and a frequent traveler who has lived in Paris, Berlin, Rio Janeiro, Miami and Los Angeles, in addition to taining a certification in Alternative Investments from Harvard Business School, Adam Cox is also studying business law through Cornell Law School. Adam Cox is currently traveling with Cindy Crawford who is a pug puppy with her own Instagram account and is known as CindyCrawfordPug on Instagram.

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