Pay Bills

Pentagon has offered to pay National Guard Capitol security charges

In the same statement, Womack said without additional funds, the Guard’s readiness would decline by 15-20% over the next two months, with training and arsenal upgrades among the programs. concerned.

“We owe our guards across the country a debt of gratitude for their selfless actions, especially over the past year,” Womack said during the July 13 markup.

Reprogramming the funds would neither be easy nor free, Womack spokesperson Alexia Sikora said on Friday.

In doing so, she said, “takes away dollars from modernization of nuclear submarine refit facilities, barracks modernization projects, investments in e-learning centers and cadet barracks at the Military Academy. the United States. agreed on the need to fund them. It is unacceptable to withdraw money because Congress does not want to do its job.

Spending crash

In addition to the Womack-Calvert bill, the House passed an additional spending measure of $ 1.9 billion in May that includes money for Capitol Police, $ 521 million for custody plus $ 200 million. dollars to create a “rapid reaction force” for the protection of the Capitol under the command of the DC National Guard.

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