Pay Bills

Online payment of water bills via NEFT resumed

Other payment methods via Google Pay, PhonePe to be prepared within a week

Mysore/Mysore: Online payment of water bills, suspended for two months due to technical problems, has been rectified and water consumers can now pay their water bill by national electronic fund transfer (NEFT). Other payment methods through digital platforms such as Google Pay and PhonePe mobile apps will be ready within a week, said Vani Vilas Water Plant (VVWW) Executive Suvarna Engineer at Star of Mysore.

The online bill payment service was shut down about two months ago, which inconvenienced water consumers, who queued for hours to make payment. While some used to stand for hours to pay the bill, a few due to busy schedules would walk away causing their water bills to rise and now they have to pay their contributions with penalty.

VVWW receives nearly Rs. 1 crore in water bill payments through digital platforms every month. Following the shutdown of online payments, revenues have been hit hard for two months. No concessions on water bills will be given for late payments, as consumers could have paid the bill at one of the city’s 16 bill collection centers, an official said.