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North Carolina healthcare worker plans to pay bills and save for retirement with $ 200,000 lottery win

APEX, NC (WGHP) – Veronica Burt, of Raleigh, said a quick stop to get gas on the way home from work turned into a lottery win of $ 200,000, according to a NC Education Lottery press release.

On Saturday, Burt stopped by the Murphy USA on Apex Peakway in Apex after work and picked up a $ 5 Ruby Mine 9X scratch ticket. The winning ticket was not his first choice.

“I was looking for another ticket,” said Burt, who works in an assisted living facility. “They didn’t have it, so I asked the clerk for another ticket. They didn’t have that one either, so I asked him, “What’s the matter with you?” I ended up getting a Spectacular Riches ticket and two Ruby Mine tickets.

Back home, she continued her tradition of playing the lottery with her father by handing him the two Ruby Mine 9X scratch tickets.

“The next thing I knew, I heard my name being called,” Burt said. “He shouted my name twice – very loud! He handed me the ticket. I had to watch, then I had to watch again.

She said they were both delighted.

“We just started kissing,” Burt said.

Burt claimed his prize on Wednesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

After the required federal and state withholding taxes, she won $ 141,501.

Burt said she can’t wait to pay bills and save some for retirement.

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