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Multinationals discuss Pactum stand-alone negotiations at DPW

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pactum, the creator of the AI-driven autonomous trading marketplace, today announced that Chief Product Officer Kaspar Korjus will join the prestigious Digital Procurement World (DPW) Global Conference as a guest speaker at a 90-minute learning lab session in Amsterdam on Thursday September 22 from 10:00 to 11:30. Korjus will be joined on stage by Deutsche Telekom’s Zsolt Jonas, Head of Digitalization and Strategic Sourcing Systems, and Karim Ouali, Vice President of Procurement Steering and Digitalization, and representative of a major global shipping company.

Korjus will host a learning lab session alongside its Fortune 500 clients to discuss the various use cases for autonomous trading and the implications of automating trades in procurement. Pactum’s technology autonomously engages third parties to negotiate mutually beneficial contracts, leading to better prices, payment terms and continuity of supply, creating financial resilience in light of inflation, chain disruptions supply and inventory issues.

“Pactum’s technology enables price savings, improved working capital and stronger supplier engagements for large enterprises around the world using AI chatbot functionality,” said Korjus. . “We are thrilled to share the stage with these leaders in the procurement industry and provide the audience with a live demonstration of how autonomous trading adds value to large companies in this challenging macroeconomic environment.”

“We see Pactum consistently trading single-digit savings and up to a double-digit percentage range in long-term spending,” Jonas said. “It’s an added value that sourcing brings to the organization and we’re looking to expand what Pactum can do for us.”

DPW Amsterdam, an annual technology event held both at the monumental Beurs van Berlage and online, is considered the world’s largest and most influential technology event in the supply industry.

Pactum has previously participated in DPW events, winning the prestigious Startup Competition in 2021. This award recognizes startups that drive the digital transformation of procurement and generate the best return on investment for organizations around the world.

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