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Moon Dog to sell more seltzer than beer by year-end


The rise of seltzer in Australia shows no signs of abating and is so strong that famous Victorian brewer Moon Dog has said he plans to sell more seltzer than beer by the end of 2021.

Moon Dog seltzer growth will be boosted as it became the 350e supplier to join the Kaddy platform, which allows suppliers to connect directly with more than 1,350 customers on-site and off-site instantly.

Moon Dog’s move to Kaddy comes as the brewer has seen over 100% year-over-year growth along the East Coast, propelled by the explosive growth of Moon Dog’s alcoholic seltzer, Fizzer.

“In just 6 months, Fizzer Seltzer has grown into our biggest brand and we plan to sell more Seltzer than beer by the end of 2021,” Stroud said.

Kaddy co-founder Rich Coombes said the national seltzer boom is also reflected on the Kaddy platform.

“Despite the category’s relative infancy, over 30% of Kaddy’s customers now order seltzer using the platform,” Coombes said.

“The ease of connection means it is very easy for any licensed site to discover and order high-growth products like seltzers and exciting artisan producers like Moon Dog.

“For a growing craft brand like Moon Dog, Kaddy is an easy way to bring its incredible portfolio of products to a wide range of business customers – whether in their own Melbourne backyard or across the border. of State.”

Settled in Victoria in the midst of the state’s 2020 marathon shutdown, Kaddy is now used by more than 300 bars, bottle shops and restaurants in Victoria alone. And with other states facing similar challenges, Coombes hopes Kaddy can be a useful resource for other operators alike.

“In today’s climate, we understand that business customers are looking for the right brands, the right margin structures and operational efficiency,” he said.

“Our goal is for any liquor store or retailer to have the ability to access and trade with producers like Moon Dog, with as little friction as possible. Whether it’s removing the need for credit inquiries, offering flexible payment terms, or having a single channel to stay on top of the latest products and trends – by introducing Kaddy to more locations, we aim to increase business volume quickly cultivate local producers like Moon Dog and help develop the global craft cake.

Commercial customers from NSW, ACT and Victoria can now use Kaddy to order with Moon Dog Brewing.


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