Pay Bills

Messenger now allows users to split and pay their bills on the platform / World of digital information

A new addition to the Messenger interface now allows users to split payments between them, thus managing to easily transact online.

So everyone knows Venmo, right? The social media app that will only allow users to post on their walls if said post is accompanied by some kind of financial transaction. Wow, this looks like an app some disconnected engineering students came up with, and that’s exactly what happened. Anyway, my sarcasm is hardly effective since Venmo as a platform is doing pretty well. Sure, it’s nowhere near like Facebook or Instagram or TikTok, but I suspect a lot of that stems from the fact that users just aren’t comfortable with the details of financial transactions and the reasons for which they occurred in the first place. No one wants to announce the price of their electricity bill; it’s so much easier to use Venmo and actively avoid posting on the platform or use any of its other social media aspects entirely. So what’s better than a Venmo? A platform that allows these same financial transactions, but without the public trumpeting.

This is exactly what Meta provides to its user base with this new feature added to Messenger. Now users can easily pay each other and split bills using a new tool called Split Payments. With Split Payments, users can easily split costs and pay on the spot, as long as all associated parties have Messenger and have entered their necessary financial information. This feature has been in beta testing for quite some time, with Meta only officially releasing it now. Even then, only US residents can currently access the feature, with split payments rolling out to other regions at a slow and steady pace.

The process itself is not particularly difficult; it requires all contributing parties to be added to a Messenger group first. From there, clicking the plus icon will allow a user to set up split payments. Enter the amount of money shared, specify the users it is shared between, and they will all receive a message stating the exact amount each individual must pay. If they haven’t entered their card details, Split Payments will allow them to do so on the spot, further adding to the convenience provided by the new functionality.

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