Down Debt

Meet the Typical American Gen Zer: Debt, Savings, Trends


  • Generation Z, the oldest of which is 24 this year, is the new “it” generation.
  • They create trends in fashion and in the workplace, influencing the behavior of consumers and workers.
  • And they are saving more than they are spending and are expected to dominate the economy in 20 years.

Generation Z has stolen the crown from millennials as the media darling of the day.

The generation, the oldest of which turns 24 this year, is in the spotlight as they begin to influence lifestyle, work and consumer trends. Look no further than various headlines promising how to meet the demands of Gen Z in the workforce or market beauty brands to them.

It’s a coming-of-age story, and Gen Z is shaking things up as they come of age. They are the first generation digitally native and they are best contacted online, where they often catapult new trends. They are innovative and enterprising social activists, ready to create and shape a better world.

They have been affected by the pandemic in some of their most formative years, which could shape their long-term futures. The oldest members of the “TikTok generation”, graduates of


, run the risk of repeating millennials’ economic plight, but they are already showing signs of behaviors that could define them for years to come, trying to save and invest early and embrace a lifestyle based on l ‘saving.

In terms of size and purchasing power, they are expected to take control of the economy within a decade, but their restraint on spending and skepticism about markets could make this economy very different.

While it’s hard to capture an entire generation when some members are still teenagers and some adults – demographic differences that produce data filled with caveats – here’s what the typical Gen Zer’s life looks like in 2021.