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Man who sells popcorn for a living demands work after selling popcorn machine to pay off debts Nigeria news

  • A man named Richmond A. Adjedibonga took to social media to lament a situation he finds himself in
  • In his post, he reveals that he had to buy a popcorn machine to work due to unemployment but has no choice but to sell it to pay off his debt.
  • Social media users who stumbled upon his post seemed touched and had heartwarming words for him

A Ghanaian named Richmond A. Adjedibonga has taken to social media to lament a situation he finds himself in.

In his message seen by on a popular Facebook group called Tell It All Mum, the young man revealed he was forced to sell a popcorn machine he was selling with due to unemployment.

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Ghanaian man who has resorted to selling popcorn due to unemployment is forced to sell his machine
Ghanaian man who has resorted to selling popcorn due to unemployment is forced to sell his machine Source: UGC
Source: UGC

Telling his story, the young man said he had to borrow a lot to care for his sick newborn baby.

Richmond said his lender insisted he repay what he owed in full.

After many failed attempts to get the lender to give him time to repay, Richmond has no choice but to sell his popcorn machine.

Adjebonga hinted that he had been looking for a job for so long without one.

So he had to sell popcorn to support himself and his family.

With debts around his neck, he is forced to sell the machine.

Many internet users who saw his post seemed saddened and had heartwarming things to say.

Social networks react

From Juliana Nabicha Nyanja:

“Sad to hear that from a man, it means he has suffered a lot. I wish I could help but I’m in a similar situation. Help locate you.”

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Betty Tetteh-Rowe wrote:

“So if you are selling the machine, how are you going to feed your family, beg the person to give you more time for you to work and pay for it.”

Doreen Chika Kenneth said:

“I’m touched! I had to go through his profile first, he doesn’t look like he’s lying.”

DeCount Cristo JoJo said:

“Arrrghhh, arrange with the person on the payment terms and work with the machine, you can pay it every week from the popcorn product you sell. You are the man Be smart. get rid of the machine, you’re back to And the buyer knowing you’re desperate for money will give you peanuts for your troubles. What is your wife doing to support you? ”

A master’s degree holder goes online to beg for a job

During this time, previously reported that an unemployed master’s degree holder took to social media to beg for a job.

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Ayokunle, 28, lamented that things had been difficult since he was out of work and that he would not mind moving anywhere for the sake of working.

He wrote:

“I am Awosika Ayokunle with MA in Gender Studies and BA in Political Science.

“I am currently unemployed and ready for any job, including menial jobs. Surviving and feeding myself has been extremely difficult.

“I live in Ibadan and am ready to relocate. Thanks RT.”

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