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Luv FM Habitat show: homeowners and businesses urged to invest in safety

Future owners and businesses were urged to invest in security to protect their investments and prevent unforeseen circumstances.

According to Virtual Security Africa Director of Operations, Bondzie Acquah, security systems are necessary to deter burglars from entering properties and to protect assets at all times.

The company has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most innovative designers, developers, installers and integrators of advanced security hardware, software and peripherals for individuals, financial institutions, businesses , government, military and business.

Speaking to David Akuetteh on ‘Luv in the Morning’, Mr Acquah said improving the security of homes and organizations will build capacity and resilience against burglars.

“The key to keeping criminals away is deterrence. This is the first line of action. That’s why you need the perimeter protection system. It comes in the form of barbed wire or an electric fence. These things are necessary, and it works. They also come with a siren to deter.

“But most of the time when people put these things in place, they forget that there are systems that need to be maintained and managed. That’s how you hear stories of burglaries in people’s homes. Although they may have alarms or electric fence systems,” he advised.

Director of Operations of Virtual Security Africa, Bondzie Acquah

Virtual Security Africa will showcase a range of security solutions to customers at the Luv FM Habitat show, to be held at Kumasi City Mall from September 30 to October 2, 2022.

“During the fair, we will have installed all our products. We are also going to demonstrate this to patrons who come to the Luv FM Habitat show. We have fire alarm, intrusion alarm, electric fence, video surveillance and access control, among others. We also offer customers huge discounts. We also offer you flexible payment terms,” Mr. Acquah said.