Loans with Ceremonies


Loans for ceremonies, the Astrofinance offer

Loans for ceremonies, the Findomestic offer

Organizing a wedding or other special occasion may require more money in a short time and financial products dedicated to this particular need are born. Let’s for example find the Astrofinance Ceremonies offer. Weddings, gold, silver or diamond weddings, but also births and baptisms, communions, confirmations or graduation parties: Astrofinance offers a personal loan from 1,000 to 60,000 euros to finance the entire project. The loan will be paid conveniently to the current account already held by bank transfer.

The reimbursement takes place by direct debit on the same current account, and there are no charges for ancillary costs. Astrofinance also offers the possibility to change the monthly installment amount by choosing the Installment Change option. After having regularly repaid the first 6 installments of the ceremonial loan, there is the possibility of increasing or decreasing the amount of monthly due dates within the limits set by the contract, to shorten or on the contrary lengthen the repayment times (only one change per month is allowed ).

Loan rate

Loan rate

Under the same conditions, alternatively, you can choose the Installment Rate option, to postpone a monthly repayment for a maximum of three times. From 14 to 22 April 2014, the Ceremonies offer offers a fixed TAN of 7.58%, a fixed APR of 7.85%. This means that requesting an amount of 14,000 euros it will be possible to repay it in 8 years, with 96 installments of 195 euros per month, and the total amount due will be 18,720 euros. Astrofinance loans are open to residents of the Italian territory aged between 18 and 75, with a bank account and a demonstrable income.