Down Debt

Lil Baby runs into YK Osiris and places a $ 5,000 debt on him

Lil Baby is serious about raising his money.

On Wednesday (November 24), a vlog surfaced on Icebox’s YouTube channel with Lil Baby doing expensive bling at the famous jewelry retailer. In the middle of his shopping spree, he met his good friend YK Osiris. The Atlanta rapper was friendly with the 2019 XXL Freshman at first, but then he started squeezing him out of the $ 5,000 debt he owed him.

While Baby is doing his hair in the mirror, he shamelessly tells Osiris to make him pay his money. “Osiris, let me find five groups for them, bruh,” he said.

Osiris laughs at Lil Baby’s request and tells him that he can’t wait to pay him back, but it hasn’t satisfied the My turn Creator. “I know rap stuff goes up and down,” he said. “If you’ve fucked up right now, don’t worry. I’ll get it for you. I’ll wait for your next hit.”

Osiris keeps laughing about it and tells Lil Baby, “Yeah, but I have to erase it first,” which may be a sample he needs to erase before he can publish it.

Lil Baby seems to be frustrated and tells the owners of Icebox that Osiris owes him $ 5,000, but has to wait until after he gets a hit song so he can get it back.

Later in the conversation, Lil Baby asked Osiris how long he had owed him his money. “About three months,” replied the “Worth It” performer.

“That’s a lie,” Lil Baby replied. “Probably five or six months.”

It’s unclear where Osiris’ debt came from, but Lil Baby suggested, “I should get some interest.”

Lil Baby then looked at the bright orange Osiris tracksuit he was wearing and jokingly called him a “sissy.”

Ultimately, if there’s anyone who owes Lil Baby money, you’ve been warned – it’s the debt collector.

Check out Lil Baby at the Icebox jewelry store below. Fast-forward to 6:20 am to see Lil Baby press YK for the $ 5,000 he owes him.

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