Bad Credit

Legacy Urban Revitalization presents do-it-yourself credit repair for a dollar

With their new DIY offering, Legacy Urban Revitalization gives its users the tools to improve their credit score by removing invalid collection accounts, late payments, and $1 charges. Customers can remove any errors from their credit file and restore their credit score.

Legacy Urban Revitalization believes that everyone has the right to an accurate credit report. So, using its new DIY product, the company walks its customers through the credit repair process and helps them if they need their exclusive services regarding Credit repair. The only thing the customer has to pay for is a monthly credit monitoring subscription. As the team works toward their clients’ financial goals, they also recommend credit-building offers like credit cards and loans. If users choose one of these tailored offers, the providers compensate the business, not the customer.

Legacy Urban Revitalization offers customers the ability to start repairing their credit for $1. Users can stop paying Credit repair companies for credit repair. As most know, payment for credit repair can range from a one-time fee to a fee for each inaccuracy removed or even a rolling monthly payment. However, the Credit Repair Organizations Act states that credit repair companies cannot seek or receive compensation until the promised services have been provided. But most do! And often, the consumer is left with minimal results.

Also, applying for something like a mortgage or a car loan is difficult if users have bad credit. It’s incredibly frustrating if they’ve paid a company to work on improving their credit but have seen little or no results. After some thought, Legacy Urban Revitalization has come up with a strategy to repair the credit of its users and customers in an easy and hassle-free way.

It works consistently. When users sign up for their service, they must choose which items on their credit report they believe are incorrect, unfair or questionable. They can then contact their creditors in writing to demand their cancellation. If creditors fail to correct the errors, users can lobby the credit bureaus with new information as to why this item needs to be removed from their reports. Plus, as customers’ credit scores improve, they provide personalized recommendations for credit-building products such as low-interest credit cards, personal loans, and auto and home loans. .

Legacy Urban Revitalization can manage everything for its users, and it’s free! Simply purchase credit reports through their partner credit monitoring provider!

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