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Injured tractor-trailer driver wants to make safety changes

FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) – Amy Larcom is an experienced tractor-trailer driver from a family of truck drivers. She had a romantic relationship with her career until she had an accident which almost cost her her life.

“I noticed the door opened. I noticed it was hanging a little weird, but I came back just to close the door, and as soon as I came back the whole door fell on my body, ”says Larcom. “Aluminum hinges are dangerous. They break and you don’t know it’s broken. Aluminum does not work. If it breaks, it falls immediately so as not to injure the trailer.

Larcom has been in contact with US Senator Sherrod Brown to try to make changes regarding the way the trailer door hinges are made.

The door fell off the trailer after the aluminum hinges collapsed, according to Larcom. The 170-pound gate left Larcom with lasting wounds, which made Larcom cry over having to live again.

“I was tired. It was around 12:20 p.m. Sorry, when I saw this whole nightmare again, I wish I hadn’t gone to work that night,” says Larcom.

“I’m still recovering, which I am not recovering very well. I have inflammation on my face here. My eyes are dark. I have bumps on the back of my head from whiplash. You can see how bad my hands are. I constantly get where my hands are bleeding. I went to the hospital and now I just have bad credit.

Larcom wishes she could get back on the road, but until then she will work to make sure no other trucker gets an injury like this.

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