Pay Bills

“I have to pay the electricity bills for agricultural engines if the BJP comes to power”

Finance and Health Minister T. Harish Rao has warned that there will be no free electricity for agriculture sector boreholes and they will have to pay the bills without any exceptions if the BJP comes to the power.

Addressing a rally after the inauguration on Saturday at Mogudampally mandal in Sangareddy district with Lok Sabha member BB Patil and others, Mr Harish Rao said the Union government had imposed conditions of fixing meters to agricultural boreholes to sanction additional loans which were rejected by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

“The BJP in the Center says don’t give anything for free to the needy. No loan exemption for farmers, no Rytu Bandhu, no Rytu Beema, no Kalyana Lakshmi and no Aasara pensions. In neighboring Karnataka, there is a BJP dual engine government where the pension is only ₹700. There is no Rytu Bandhu, Rytu Beema by Kalyana Lakshmi. What government do you want? The BJP government where there are no welfare measures for the poor or the TRS government which will take care of you in every aspect? Mr. Harish Rao asked.

Stating that the government of Telangana was the first to implement social welfare and development programs and give direction to the nation, Mr. Harish Rao said that all the problems that Telangana faced are being dealt with by the government of Telangana. the state one after the other and that the state has been transformed. from dealing with farmer suicides to becoming the rice bowl of the South. He said the government has granted about ₹742 crore to farmers in Zaheerabad alone under Rytu Bandhu.

MP Manick Rao, ZP Chairman P. Manjushree, collector A. Sharath and others were present.