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How to get extra money for energy bills with cold weather payments

If you’re struggling with energy bills, you can get help when the temperature drops through the Cold Weather Pay System.

Here we bring together who is eligible for the £ 25 payment offered by the government and how to apply.


Payments could help cover higher cost of energy this winter

Cold weather payments are made starting today and during the winter months.

The money is designed to help people cover the cost of heating their homes when temperatures drop.

As energy bills skyrocket and many Britons struggle to pay their bills, it is worth checking out if you are eligible for help.

The financial support is worth £ 25 and you can get it more than once when the thermometers drop – here’s all you need to know

What is the cold weather payment?

Cold weather payment is made when temperatures are recorded or forecast at or below zero degrees, on average, for seven consecutive days.

Low temperature must be low between November 1 and March 31 and eligible Brits are entitled to extra money to heat their homes when this happens.

You get £ 25 for every seven day period the weather is below 0 ° C during that time.

You can check if your area has had a cold weather payment by insert your postal code in the government tool from November 1st.

In 2020, four weather stations in Scotland had cold weather payments triggered in early December.

As of March 31, 2021, payments were triggered by 29 weather stations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for more than 470 postcodes.

How much do I receive from cold weather payment and how is it paid?

After each period of very cold weather in your area, those eligible for the program receive a payment of £ 25.

They should receive the payments within 14 business days.

It is paid into the same bank or building society account that is used to pay for the benefits, and does not affect any other allowances you may be entitled to.

Who is eligible for a cold weather payment?

You are eligible for the Cold Weather Payment Plan if you receive one of the following benefits and meet certain criteria:

Depending on your particular situation, you may also need to meet one or more of the following additional criteria:

  • Be disabled or receive a retirement bonus
  • Have a disabled child
  • Benefit from a child tax credit that includes an element of disability or severe disability
  • Have a severe or increased disability premium
  • Receive limited capacity for the amount of work
  • Have a child under five living with you

Regardless of employment, universal credit applicants are eligible if they have a disabled child amount in their application.

You can find out more about eligibility on the government site.

How do I claim payment for cold weather?

You do not need to request the cold weather payment as it is paid automatically.

If you do not receive payment and believe you are eligible, you can notify your retreat center Where Jobcentre Plus office, or call the Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 5644.

If you get universal credit, you can also log into your account and add a note to your journal.

If you are going to the hospital this could affect your request, so be sure to tell someone about it using the contact details above.

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