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Government issues advisory against electronics tech companies: here are the details

The Centre’s opinion stated that the offer of free services should be carefully assessed.

New Delhi: The government has issued a warning to parents regarding the use of caution against educational technology (ed-tech) companies. “Given the ubiquitous impact of technology in education, many electronics technology companies have started offering courses, tutorials, coaching for competitions, etc. in online mode. In this context, the Parents, students and all involved in school education should be careful when deciding to opt for online content and coaching offered by a host of education technology companies, ”the ministry said Thursday. of Human Resources Development in a notification.

The notice mentioned that the offer of free services – promised by some companies – must be carefully evaluated.

“The Department of School Education and Literacy has learned that some electronic technology companies are pushing parents to offer free services and have the electronic funds transfer (EFT) mandate signed or to activate the debit feature.” automatic, targeting in particular vulnerable families, ”he added.

Here are the full details of the Center’s Parent Notice:

* Avoid the automatic debit option for payment of subscription fees, as some electronics technology companies may offer the free premium business model where many of their services may appear free at first glance, but to gain access to the fee. continuous learning, students should opt for a paid subscription.

* Read the Terms and Conditions (T&C) before acknowledging acceptance of the learning software / device as your IP address and / or personal data may be tracked.

* Request a tax invoice for the purchase of educational devices after a detailed background check of the ed-tech company you wish to subscribe to.

* Make sure that the content provided is consistent with the curriculum and your field of study and that it is easily understandable by your child.

* Clarify any doubts or questions regarding payment and content before investing any amount for your child’s learning in an electronic technology company.

* Activate parental controls and security functions, as this allows you to restrict access to certain content and limit expenditure on purchasing applications.

* Record evidence of spam calls or forced enrollment in all education packages without full consent to file a grievance.

* Consult the child safety guidelines mentioned in the Ministry of Education’s PRAGYATA guidelines before using an ed-tech platform.

* Don’t blindly trust ads and take out loans. Also, avoid installing ed-tech mobile apps without verifying their authenticity.

* Avoid credit or debit card check-in and limit spend per transaction.

* Do not add your data online as it could be sold or used for further scams.

* Avoid sharing personal videos and photos and be careful not to enable video function or make video calls on unverified platform.

* Don’t subscribe to unverified courses or trust shared success stories without proper verification.

* Avoid in-app purchases. Payment methods based on OTP (One Time Password) could be used.

* Do not share your bank details and do not open attachments or pop-up screens.

The ministry said, “Electronic technology companies have grown rapidly, thus increasing the number of students or teachers subscribing to their learning platform. The growing number also means that the platforms must do so. pay attention to claims regarding the services offered. “

He also shared advertising guidelines for electronics technology companies. “Advertising must not declare or lead the public to believe that an institution or a course or a program is official, recognized, authorized, accredited, approved, registered, affiliated, approved or has a situation defined by law, unless the advertiser cannot justify by evidence ”he further mentioned.