Pay Bills

Golden State Warriors’ astronomical spending worries rival teams: have racked up the highest salary bill in NBA history

The Golden State Warriors are one of the happiest teams in NBA history considering how much they’ve spent since 2016 to keep their team competing with the best in the NBA and making 6 Finals in 8 seasons. ,

The Warriors are racking up a massive $346 million payroll in wages and taxes this season, which dwarfs most other NBA teams. This allowed them to have four players on massive contracts in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins.

They also have several lottery picks on big rookie deals like James Wiseman, Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga. With young star Jordan Poole in need of a contract extension this offseason, many league executives are upset at the competitive edge the Warriors are getting by being able to spend freely and pay astronomical sums in luxury tax.

“Depending on the team’s appetite for that kind of spending, it could raise some uncomfortable questions: Do the Warriors have to choose between [Andrew] Wiggins and [Jordan] Poole? ESPN’s Zach Lowe wrote. “Or worse still: does the choice become two among Wiggins, [Draymond] Green, and [Klay] Thompson? The Warriors are paying a league-record $346 million in wages and taxes this season, and their rivals are already complaining about Golden State’s competitive edge on spending, sources say. (Tens of millions of Golden State money is split between these teams via revenue sharing and payments to teams that don’t pay the tax.)” (h/t Ahn Digital Fire)

The Warriors need to start thinking about adjusting their roster to possibly lose some salary. Paying colossal sums to all these players is not viable, especially if young talents have to pass through the team.

All of the players have played until their salaries, which is why the Warriors have absolutely gone through the Western Conference. Executives were upset in 2021 when luxury tax rules were relaxed, which many believe gave the Warriors an edge. The question now is how long can they keep this expensive roster going, especially if other teams start talking about it.