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Genocide education bill passes Senate

BOSTON (SHNS) – All middle and high schools in Massachusetts would be required to teach genocide history to students under a bill that on Thursday authorized the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

The committee recommended the passage of a law describing genocide education in Massachusetts (S 2525) and another bill (S 2502) relating to the licensing and education of military families in the United States. Bay State. In addition to requiring that the subject be taught in middle and high schools, the Genocide Education Bill – which Senate Speaker Karen Spilka named a priority in March after Duxbury High School players used Holocaust-related terminology to call plays – would create a trust fund to help pay for the development of the program.

The other bill that has been submitted to the committee aims to facilitate the licensing processes for relatives of military personnel, according to a summary provided by committee staff. The Education Commissioner should issue temporary teaching licenses to spouses in the armed forces or the National Guard who hold a teaching certificate in another state, and other public licensing bodies should expedite the process. issuance of licenses and certificates to military spouses.

Schools could also be referred to as “Purple Star Campuses” if they take measures such as establishing a military liaison post and offering professional development for personnel who work with military-related students. Republican Senator Ryan Fattman reserved his rights on the genocide education bill. No other senator on the committee reserved their rights or opposed either bill.

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