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Gasoline prices: what is the cheapest day of the week to buy gasoline?

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When should you buy gas? For most drivers, the answer is simply when the tank is low.

But now that high gas prices are commonplace, it may be worth strategically refueling on days when fuel costs are cheapest. According to a new study by GasBuddya gasoline price comparison app, Monday is the best day of the week to buy gasoline.

On average, Monday was the cheapest day for gas prices nationwide in 2021. The start of the work week also saw the lowest gas prices in several previous years. Friday, which has traditionally been one of the most expensive days for gasoline prices with the start of the weekend, was surprisingly the second cheapest day to fill in 2021.

“While there are variations in daily gasoline prices from state to state, the consensus is that filling up at the start or end of the work week, Monday or Friday, is the best way to save money,” said oil chief Patrick De Haan. analysis at GasBuddy, said in a press release accompanying the data.

Cheapest Day for Gas Prices: How Much Will You Really Save?

How much money you can actually save on gas by filling up one day or the other will vary greatly. The answer depends not only on the gas price difference, but also on the type of vehicle you drive (and its gas mileage), as well as how much fuel you drive in a month. or a typical year.

And, of course, whether you save anything depends on the idea that the day you fill up Actually have cheaper gas prices – and that is impossible to predict in any given week.

GasBuddy estimates that drivers can typically save $50 to $100 a year by filling up on the cheapest days of the week. That’s based on gas costing about $3.35 a gallon, with four monthly fills of 12 gallons each, and with gas running 7 cents to 12 cents per gallon more expensive on other days of the week.

The bottom line is that you might save 2-4% on gas if you fuel up strategically (or if you’re lucky) by heading to the gas station on the cheapest day of the week. week.

All things considered, it can’t hurt to try and stock up when prices are lowest. But with all the uncertainties and the fact that the maximum savings aren’t overwhelming, you shouldn’t feel bad if you just fill up when you need to.

It’s arguably just as important, if not more so, to employ other proven gas-saving strategies, such as these recommended by AAA. They include practicing good driving habits – avoiding idling and quick starts and stops, using cruise control and obeying the speed limit – and buying a car with good fuel economy in the first place.

You can also use a credit card with good rewards for gas station purchases. Some cards will give you 3% or even 5% cash back every time you fill up.

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