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Electricity bills can be high this time of year, but $ 37,000?

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – It’s that time of year when electric bills are a bit higher because of the heat in the house or the holiday lights, but a customer received a bill for $ 37,000!

Duke Energy said they recently changed their customer billing system to hopefully make it easier for customers to pay their bills, but this created a mistake and a lot of panic for a few hundred customers.

Since the error was detected, Duke Energy has said the issue should be resolved and anyone with an astronomically high bill should receive a new one for the correct amount within the next week.

“It was just in the presentation of the bill and it is something that we are investigating to really try to understand what happened here, but we think it is isolated and something that we dealt with quickly. “said Jeff Brooks of Duke Energy.

The error affected a few hundred customers across the state, but Brooks said it only represents a fraction of one percent of their customers.

Those with their auto-pay bill should have been billed the correct amount for the month, even if your bill reflects the incorrect amount.

Brooks said this should serve as a reminder to always check your bills if you have them on auto-pay to make sure there aren’t any errors like this.

“You should always take a look at your invoice when you receive it. Not just for the electric company, but for any business and make sure everything looks normal there. There is always a possibility that there is an accusation that you don’t recognize or that you would like to know more about, ”Brooks said.

If you have any problems, we encourage you to call Duke Energy. “Give us a call, we would be happy to review your account with you and explain why the charges are as is or if there is an error or we will certainly work to correct it to resolve the issue with a customer”, Brooks mentioned.

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