Payment Terms

Directors Guild of Canada of British Columbia unveils pay hike for local US producers – The Hollywood Reporter

The Directors Guild of Canada branch in British Columbia has released details of a tentative agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, representing Hollywood producers, and its local counterpart, the Canadian Media Producers Association.

The new deal, which includes a 3% wage increase retroactive to July 2021, follows 15 months of negotiations with North American producers that saw DGC BC issue strike notice for the first time.

Union members will now vote on whether or not to accept the new collective agreement, beginning June 19, with the DGC BC bargaining committee recommending its ratification.

Other terms of the agreement include minimum wage increases for low-wage union workers and location managers will receive a 15.8% wage increase over the term of the agreement.

The new collective agreement covers DGC BC film and television production workers in the province and ends industrial action in and around Vancouver that began after DGC BC issued an official strike notice on 26 April at AMPTP and CMPA. This action called for a strike and picket lines against any production not covered by a safe harbor agreement, which is part of British Columbia labor law.

Most film and television productions in the Canadian province have signed safe harbor agreements and, respectfully, have been shielded from potential industrial action from April 26. Earlier in the labor stalemate, the AMPTP and CMPA warned that North American producers could steer series film and television away from Vancouver after the DGC branch in British Columbia held a vote of strike authorization before issuing an official strike notice.

Sticking points in recent crisis negotiations have been minimum wage payments, especially for those in lower-paying positions, payment terms for COVID testing, securing retroactive salary increases to the expiry of the last labor agreement and North American producers demanding new concessions from the union.