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Delaware State Univ. offer more debt relief to students

Delaware State University is providing second debt relief to more than 1,100 students, with federal funding from the CARES Act.

This time, DSU is making $ 2.9 million available to students in need. No student who received funding in the first round will receive funding this time around. The old debt relief was for graduate students.

Students eligible for Pell Grants will receive $ 2,500 while students not eligible for Pell Grants will receive $ 1,000.

DSU spokesperson Carlos Holmes explains how the university created its list of students eligible for funding in this cycle.

“Only students eligible for federal funds. So international students, unfortunately Dreamers, couldn’t benefit from it. We looked at the students who had the most debt, and that’s how we put together our list. Yes, there are other students who do not benefit from this particular debt reduction.

Holmes says some students will be eligible.

“These are students who are Pell Grant students or non-Pell Grant students, current students who are currently enrolled and enrolling for the 21-22 school year. A lot of these students are in debt. This will help. a lot.”

Eligible students will receive an email, and they must agree to accept the money, allowing DSU to apply it to their unpaid debts.

So far, DSU has invested around $ 8.5 million from various sources to support students since the start of the pandemic.

In 2020, DSU raised more than $ 1.6 million in private funding for a university-sponsored student emergency fund, which provided instant support to students facing an unforeseen move out of the country. campus.

Over $ 200,000 worth of laptops, tablets and portable WiFi devices were distributed to students with device and connectivity needs while working from home during the same period of March to June 2020, the Student Emergency Fund money was raised.

DSU also provided direct financial support of $ 3.3 million to students throughout 2020.

Last May, DSU was the first historically black university college to make $ 735,000 available to write off the debts of 225 graduates.

DSU officials plan to continue helping students throughout the school year with the goal of reaching as many students as possible.

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