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Delaware Paid Family Leave Advocates Organize Rally To Push Democrats To Keep Measure In Infrastructure Bill

WILMINGTON, DE- Defenders of Paid Family Leave in Delaware took to the streets on Sunday afternoon, call to the president Biden keep the provision in the bill on infrastructure spending to build back better.

The rally comes like President Joe Biden meet Senators Joe Manchin and Mandrel Schumer close negotiations on the bill. Some senators are calling for paid family leave to be reduced from 12 weeks to 4 weeks, while others are calling for its complete abolition. The Delaware Cares advocacy group is urging people to call their local and national representatives to aask them to fight for the provision that would allow paid time off for workers as part of a federal program, rather than an employer-specific provision.

“Paid leave is mainly backed by people across the country whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent all need it and it is something that is extremely popular, ”said Liz Richards, director of the Delaware Cares Coalition, adding“ Eelected officials campaigned on paid leave and voters elected them to make it happen and they expect them to keep their promises.

We are told that advocates hope lawmakers feel the pressure to pass the provision, above all after seeing the effects, covid-19 has had on the health and employment of people.

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