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Claims made by contractor DASH fully paid, according to Turnpike

PETALING JAYA: Turnpike Synergy Sdn Bhd, a member of the Prolintas group of companies, has fully paid all certified and verified claims made by Panzana Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

Based on the available records, Turnpike said full payments have been made for the claims by the company, which was previously the main work package contractor it appointed for lot CA4 of the Damansara elevated highway- Shah Alam (DASH).

Turnpike released a statement yesterday to clarify this after Melima Consortium, a group of four sub-contractors appointed to save parts of the DASH CA4 construction project, released a statement on Monday claiming RM100 million from the contractor. turnkey project Turnpike.

As such, any payment dispute by the ‘Consortium of Four Contractors’ should be raised with Panzana in accordance with the relevant laws of Malaysia.

“In the event that the ‘Consortium of Four Contractors’ choose to take legal action against Turnpike, we have appointed attorneys to represent us in this matter in the future,” Turnpike said.

Turnpike is the company responsible for the development and management of the assets of Prolintas.

Panzana’s appointment was terminated by Turnpike on March 29 for various reasons in accordance with the express terms and conditions of the contract between Panzana and Turnpike.

Turnpike has stated that the so-called “consortium of four contractors” are only subcontractors of Panzana and that Turnpike has no contractual relationship with them.

“Turnpike is at all times firmly committed to resolving any contractual issues in accordance with Malaysian laws and the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency,” he said.

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