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Brown in Ottawa for Whirlpool groundbreaking

OTTAWA — Senator Sherrod Brown joined Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) and other government and business officials to inaugurate a $65 million expansion of Ottawa’s Whirlpool plant. .

Senator Brown succinctly explained, “It’s very simple. We know how to speed up our supply chain, lower prices and end our dependence on China. The way we do it is to do more things in America. For too long, bad trade deals and bad tax policy have encouraged companies to move overseas.

He shared: “Thomas Edison grew up in Ohio. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. 99% of LED lighting is made in China. Over 90% of chip manufacturing – again an invented product by the Americans, developed in this country with the help of the government – more than 90% of chip manufacturing is done overseas. These things need to change: restore supply chains, bring down prices and promote the job creation.

In November, the company announced an investment of more than $65 million in a multi-year project that will create more than 100 new jobs and increase production. Construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2023. Whirlpool’s operations in Ottawa, one of nine factories in the United States, began in 1990.

Senator Brown has fought for workers’ rights for years. In 2012, he raised concerns at the International Trade Commission in Washington DC in a case against Mexico and Korea. Since then, he has testified before the commission a total of four times to crack down on countries that unfairly import their products into the United States.

“We continue to work hard to level the playing field. This company has proven that when we stand up to business cheats and stand up for working Americans, we get results.

After the inauguration, Senator Brown was asked to comment on the medical debt that engulfs many workers.

“First, these companies need to disclose in advance what is going to happen, because surprise medical billing is part of the problem. We have to find a way. First of all, the costs are too high and the other thing is that medical data affects people’s credit reports. Just because you get sick doesn’t make you a bad credit risk. We have to get serious. Many people have been affected by medical debt and it is difficult to get out of it.

Senator Sherrod Brown talks to Whirlpool executives during a groundbreaking ceremony at the Ottawa plant.

Senator Brown addresses Whirlpool and government officials at the grand opening of a $65 million expansion at the Ottawa plant.

Surrounded by representatives of the government and the Whirlpool company, Senator Sherrod Brown sows the soil during the inauguration of the expansion of the Ottawa plant.

Senator Sherrod Brown chats with Ottawa Mayor Dean Meyer after groundbreaking for Whirlpool’s $65 million factory expansion.

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