Pay Bills

Bill requiring salary information on job postings on Inslee office

Companies with more than 15 employees would require annual wages or hourly wages to be part of job postings.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Job postings may soon require salary information in Washington state.

A bill requiring most job postings to include salary information awaits Governor Jay Inslee’s signature.

Under SB 7691a range of hourly wages or annual wages must be part of job offers for all companies with more than 15 employees.

Benefit information should also be displayed.

It would be possible for job seekers to negotiate salaries above the posted amounts and there are no guidelines on the extent of the range that should be offered.

Lobbyists representing large and small businesses told lawmakers the new requirements would be difficult for business owners.

“This bill would be a huge burden on small businesses trying to recover from the pandemic, even in normal times,” said Jim King, representing the Independent Business Association.

“We’re always looking for the unintended consequences or the shoe to drop later,” Charlotte Clary said with Ice Chips Candy.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Emily Randall, D-Bremerton, said the move would make it easier for women and people of color to negotiate better starting salaries.

“This bill is a continuation of our work as leaders in pay equity,” Randall said.

“White men are rewarded for negotiating aggressively, while women of color can be punished for doing the same,” said association founder Vu Le.

The bill is currently on Inslee’s desk and he should sign it. If promulgated, the requirements will come into effect on January 1, 2023.

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