Bad Credit

2022 Best Cheap Auto Insurance in Iowa

These companies also offer cheap car insurance in Iowa to drivers with accident history:

  • Farmers, who charge these drivers about $1,709 a year for Iowa car insurance
  • Geico, where these drivers pay around $1,855 per year

Cheaper for drivers with speeding tickets

State Farm also had the best rates for drivers with a single speeding ticket. While the average Iowa auto insurance rate for these drivers is $1,885 per year, State Farm drivers pay only $1,315 per year.

These companies also offer affordable car insurance in Iowa to drivers with speeding tickets:

  • Geico, which charges drivers a speeding ticket $1,457 per year on average
  • IMT Insurance, where these drivers pay around $1,585 per year

Cheaper for young drivers

The typical 18-year-old driver in Iowa pays $3,484 a year for Iowa car insurance. But those who choose IMT Insurance only pay around $2,183 per year.

Teen drivers can also get cheap auto insurance quotes in Iowa from these insurers:

  • Geico, where teens pay about $2,706 a year on average
  • State Farm, which charges the average teen driver about $2,809 a year

Cheaper for senior drivers

Senior drivers only pay about $1,328 a year for car insurance in Iowa. But those who choose Geico still pay $933 per year.

Drivers 65 and older can also find cheap auto insurance in Iowa from these companies:

  • State Farm, where the average 65-year-old driver pays $1,062 a year
  • Nationwide, which charges these drivers about $1,110 a year

Cheapest for drivers looking for minimal coverage

Iowa’s minimum auto insurance costs about $348 per year. That’s not bad, but those who choose Geico can get coverage for $225 per year.

Inexpensive liability insurance in Iowa is also available from these companies:

  • IMT Insurance, which has an average annual premium of $252 for minimum coverage
  • State Farm, where drivers pay around $260 a year for minimal coverage

Cheaper for drivers with bad credit

Drivers with bad credit should check out Geico. Its average annual premium of $1,654 for such drivers was well below the state average of $2,287.

These companies also offer great deals on Iowa auto insurance for drivers with bad credit:

  • IMT Insurance, which charges these drivers about $1,699 per year
  • State Farm, where drivers with bad credit pay about $1,953 a year

Average cost of car insurance in Iowa compared to the national average

How much does car insurance cost in Iowa? This depends on several factors, including the driver’s age, accident history, address, and vehicle make and model. But generally, Iowa auto insurance rates are below average compared to the rest of the nation. Here’s a look at how its average rates for some of the driver profiles above compare to those in the US as a whole.