Pay Bills

“Once the bills are paid, we have no more money – without the food bank we would starve”

Families in Worcestershire explained that their local food bank was all that separated them from starvation. Desperate residents said that once they paid their bills they had “nothing” to buy food. The Worcester Food Bank has revealed how it had experienced its busiest time during the pandemic – but was now preparing to welcome even […]

Down Debt

Taxi Medallion relief program surpasses $ 20 million in debt relief

October 30, 2021 NEW YORK– Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that the city’s Taxi Medallion Relief Program (MRP) has now reached $ 21.4 million in debt relief for 173 individual medallion owners. More than 1,100 locket owners have already made appointments with the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Owner and Driver Resource Center and […]

Payment Terms

Announcement of the purchase of fixed assets by Taiwan Secom CO., LTD. from a related party, TITAN STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

close Supplied by: TAIWAN SECOM CO., LTD. SEQ_NO 1 Announcement date 2021/10/29 Announcement time 15:52:02 Topic Announcement of Taiwan Secom CO., LTD.’s purchase of fixed assets from related party, TITAN STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Date of events 2021/10/29 What element he responds to paragraph 20 Declaration 1.Name and nature of the underlying asset (e.g., land […]