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Our mission and vision

The following is a picture of the future here in South East Cyprus – a picture given to us, we believe by God. All our members share this Vision and have resolved to be a part of it.

  • Every single English speaking person in our area will know that the Church is here.
  • and… that the Church is made up of God fearing people… 
  • and… that these people can be trusted and relied upon.
  • and… that attendance at a Church meeting of any kind is a joy.
  • and… will have all our social events on their calendar. 
  • The municipalities will know about us, will tell the people about us and support our efforts. 
  • There will be two, full-time ministers serving this fellowship. 
  • The wedding ministry will be served by part-time or locum ministers thereby releasing the full-time ministers for full-time Gospel work. 
  • There will be three services on a Sunday in one central location. 
  • There will be a Sunday service in each and every village in our area. 
  • There will be at least 3 major ‘outreach’ services (eg. carol service) each year. 
  • This Church fellowship will grow to 450 in number in 5 years time. 
  • If we have a central building of our own it will be a ‘7 days a week’ building with programs and facilities for service and Christian learning. 
  • Each and every member will have a personal ministry whereby they head up at least one program. 
  • People’s lives will change as a result of the activity of the Church in this place. 
  • Many will gives themselves to the Lord… we shall baptize and help many to become disciples of Christ. 
  • So strong will be the influence of this Gospel spoken out by this church that Ayia Napa will gain a reputation as a ‘Family Holiday’ resort as word of the Church and God’s work within it moves back to the UK.  
  • God’s name will be raised up in a way we would never think possible.