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Sunday Services at 11am.
Our usual pattern of worship is 1st,
3rd and 4th Sunday –Holy Communion (1st
Sunday usually sung and in a generally
‘formal style’). 2nd Sunday – an informal
‘Service of the Word’, and 5th Sunday – an
informal ‘Service of songs of Praise’.

House Groups
Some of our members meet regularly in
each others homes for fellowship and Bible Study.
We plan more groups and venues.

Praise and Prayer Hour
Each Tuesday morning (10.00 – 11.00am) and Thursday morning (9.00 – 10.00am) Church members meet to praise God and to pray…
thanksgiving, intercession and the needs of individuals, the Church and the world.
A quiet hour in the busyness of the week. We plan a third meeting soon – details to follow.
We hold a joint meeting each 6 weeks – details on ‘This weeks events’.

For information on venues, times etc on any of these meetings, please contact the church