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What sort of Church?

An Anglican Church in the Evangelical tradition. Founded some 10 years ago as a Holiday Chaplaincy serving visitors to the resort of Ayia Napa.

What style of Church?

We maintain a ‘mixed style’ of worship and practice, although we are orthodox in our beliefs and doctrines. Because of this we have now grown into a fellowship of numerous denominations, Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Salvationist and other Free Churches. All are welcome and all feel welcome.

Although we are a mixed family, worshipping and serving the Gospel we maintain our ‘Anglican’ identity by adhering to the ‘Church of England Rules of Representation’. That means that our system of church government and church order are based on the principal of ‘Episcopal Oversight’ i.e. The Bishop appoints the Chaplain and the Chaplain consults with the elected Church Council.

A bit of History!

Why ‘Chaplain?’ Why not Vicar, Priest, Minister? That’s our little bit of history. When the British Army took over Cyprus at the end of the Ottoman Empire, the Army brought their ‘Chaplains’ with them. The title has stuck! But because we have so many from different backgrounds, we are content with any title. (Definitely not ‘Father’ – for your Father is in heaven!)

What happens on Sundays?

At all our services the proclamation of the Gospel and Bible teaching feature. Whilst following the lectionary as we are able, teaching will often be though a ‘series’ – a Book of the Bible or a Discipleship theme.

and the other six days?

We hold a range of midweek activities, ranging from home based groups (cells) to Men’s Breakfast. We also feature ‘Christian Basics’ (see ‘The Five Stages of Effective Discipleship’).